Rules and Regulations

We intend to make your stay with us as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.  
However, in order to insure everyone’s stay with us is as pleasant and
enjoyable as it can be, rules and regulations do apply.  Please remember that
these guidelines are not to constrain you or make your stay less enjoyable, but
to protect you and our other guests.  If you cannot or will not comply with the
rules and regulations, you WILL be asked to leave the park.  Please read and
familiarize yourself with the following rules and regulations.  Any questions or
problems with your stay should be brought to the attention of the management.

1.     Rent and electric payment are due in the office no later than the fifth day
of each month.  Late fees will be applied.

2.     There is a $10.00 deposit for the gate key.  Please read the gate letter
after receiving your key card.

3.     Only one unit and two vehicles are allowed to each site.  If you need to
make arrangements for storage of extra vehicles, please notify the office.

4.     Checkout time is 12:00 PM.  If you remain on your site after this time you
will be charged for an extra day.

5.     All visitors and guests must be registered with the office prior to entering
the park.  The fee is $2.00 per person, per night.  No more than one family at a

6.     Tenant must accompany visitors AT ALL TIMES.  Unaccompanied guests
will be asked to leave the park.  Our facilities and activities are for registered
tenants and their paying guests.  Day visitors cannot be accommodated at any
of our facilities or activities.  Exceptions for day visitors are the jam sessions
and the restaurant.

7.     Children are not permitted in any of the Recreation Halls and must
ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult.

8.     SPEED LIMIT in the park is strictly enforced at 10MPH.  Drive only on
roadways, never across a lot occupied or not.

9.     Smoking alcohol, firearms, and fireworks are not permitted in any building
or in the pool area.

10.   Pets are allowed in the park, but must be taken care of properly.  Walk
pets in designated areas only and ALWAYS clean up after your pet.  Pets are
not permitted in any of the buildings or the pool area.  Pets must be on a leash
at all times and are not to be left at home alone. There is a 35lb limit on dogs.

11.    Quiet time is ALWAYS 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM.  ABSOLUTELY no “Noisy”
work on Sunday (i.e. hammering, sawing, lawn mowing, yelling, etc.).

12.    You must have a positive seal around sewer hose connection to
eliminate odor.  No dumping of hazardous liquids on the ground or in the sewer.

13.    Trash pickup is twice per week, on Tuesday and Friday.  All trash must be
in plastic bags prior to pickup or depositing in dumpster.  No metal, oil, tires,
furniture or hazardous chemicals will be dumped in the dumpster.

14.    If you choose to rake your leaves or clean off your roof, you must bag
them and carry them to the dumpster.  If not, the bags will be picked up on the
next pick up day.

15.    No stakes or anchors of any kind in ground unless approved by
management.  Also, you must remove your carport frames before you leave
for the summer.

16.    No construction of any kind unless approved in writing by management
and a permit has been obtained from the County Building Department.  This
includes patios, screen enclosures, metal awnings, sheds, etc.

17.    Clotheslines are permitted.  They must be umbrella or awning type only.
No lines are to be strung from tree to tree.

18.    Cable TV, phone service and daily newspaper delivery are available.  If
you are interested, please contact the office.

19.    A $50.00 deposit is required on all reservations.  Deposit will be credited
to your last month’s stay.  No refunds will be given if you depart early.  30 day
notice prior to arrival must be given to be eligible for deposit return.

20.    Mail can be received by securing a P.O. Box at the Webster Post Office or
through the park office.  Please call office for details.

21.    See office for additional park news, information sheets, and event
Rules & Regulations